Year Round Stewardship: Talking About Money

This webinar took place on February 11, 2014 from 7-8 PM ET. A recording is available below. 

We hear it all the time: You need to be doing year round stewardship! But how do we engage the topic of money in a way that is fun, engaging and deeply spiritual? How do we offer stewardship formation in a way that encourages giving as a spiritual practice so that the annual campaign is a time of harvest and celebration, not an annual beg-a-thon that everyone dreads? In this webinar focusing on the intersection of personal financial wellness and personal stewardship, you will learn how to engage discussion and reflection as a way to develop an individual theology of stewardship. Practical budgeting and saving skills for your parish and community included. Led by guest presenter Chris Harris, St. Paul's Cathedral, San Diego, CA.

PowerPoint slides for Year Round Stewardship presentation