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  • Liturgy for Conclusion of Vestry Service A short decommissioning service for retiring vestry members.
  • 2016 Advent Devotional Calendar The Advent calendar provides a scripture reading and suggested devotion for each day of Advent. Musical settings for an Advent hymn are also available at the website.
  • Electronic Voting for Dioceses: What worked for us How to use SurveyMonkey and leased iPads for electronic voting
  • Tree of Life Stewardship Campaign I am sharing our stewardshipletter and Tree of Life illustration with you to show what a smaller church can accomplish.
  • The Constituency Model The Constituency Model consists of concentric circles that represent levels of connection an organization’s constituents have to an organization. I have modified the model to fit the structure and life of the Episcopal Church. The model can serve as a powerful fundraising and engagement tool for finding donors and volunteers and more deeply engaging those who already contribute time and talent.
  • Organizational Milestones for the Vestry Dust off the Parochial Report to create an impactful organizational timeline.