May 1, 2012


I'd like to share James Lee's story with you: a story of a young boy, devastating circumstances, and how a community - of children and adults - pulled together to help. It is a story that speaks for itself and exemplifies the importance of immediate, generous pastoral care as one of the most vital practices of congregations, schools, dioceses, and individuals.

School community pulls together for ill sixth-grader
By Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

"When students at St. James' Episcopal School in Koreatown learned that James Lee was seriously ill, they held fundraisers and reached out to the community for help. The response was overwhelming.

"The story of James Lee, a sixth-grade student at St. James' Episcopal School in Koreatown, isn't an easy one to write.

"Three years ago, James' mother died of cancer. And before the loss could settle in, his father's clothing sales company lost a major retail contract, and the business went under.

"Then in January, James complained of a headache and seemed disoriented at school. He ended up at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and the diagnosis was devastating."

All prayers for James Lee are much appreciated, and thank you, Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times, for your care and skill in reporting.

More on St. James’ School is here, and highlights of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s recent visit are here