Greg Syler

Greg Syler is the rector of Ascension, Lexington Park and St. George's, Valley Lee -- two congregations in the Diocese of Washington who share ministries and are learning to be more focused on mission in the quickly growing region known as southern Maryland. Greg's ministry as a 'shared' rector has a bit to do with cutting out operational inefficiency -- one of his hopes is to help communities of faith find healthier, more ministry-first business models -- but mostly he and the congregations are focused on spiritual renewal and strategic growth. Greg and his wife, Iman, have one daughter, Carter.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Greg found the Episcopal Church through the campus ministry at the University of Chicago, which is why he treasures those congregations and core ministries who seem to know what they're about and who God is calling them to be, at least those ministries that are willing to have that conversation and pivot in the direction of whatever God's mission might be. Greg blogs at "From the Rectory Porch," and most of the time he's playing or reading with his daughter, Carter, and their energetic black lab, Phoebe.

Added August 2013.