Ken Howard

Ken Howard launched FaithX in 2016 to help congregations and their judicatories survive and thrive in uncertain times by identifying and engaging emerging missional opportunities and challenges in their communities through data-grounded missional discernment and experimentation. Over the next year and half Ken collaborated with GIS firm Datastory to develop their MapDash for Faith Communities demographic analytic missional assessment and strategy development platform, launched in 2018.

Ken describes himself in many ways:

Faith Leader: 27 years ordained experience in the Episcopal Church.

Serial Church Entrepreneur: Started two congregations, both still going strong.

Experimental Innovator: Researching and developing experimental data-grounded tools and strategies, curating and disseminating research on faith community vitality and missional opportunity.

Data-Grounded Consultant and Coach: For ministry developers, redevelopers, their congregations, judicatories, and denominations seeking to better engage their communities.

Author: Two books, as well as numerous blog posts, articles, and academic papers, including the ground-break research paper, The Religion Singularity.

Church Futurist: Several speculative journal articles and presentations about the future of the church and faith communities.

The great grandson of an Orthodox rabbi from Belarus, who thought he might become a rabbi himself, Ken made the “mistake” of betting a college roommate that he prove that Jesus was not the Messiah. He eventually joined the Episcopal Church because it was “the most Jewish church I could find.”

Ken and his wife, Rhee have two adult children, two cats, and a Scottie dog named “Duncan.” He and Rhee recently celebrated 43 years of marriage. Ken enjoys bike riding, trying new and different ethnic foods, reading science fiction and fantasy, and contemplating the spiritual implications of quantum physics, entangled states, and “spooky action at distance.