February 6, 2018 by Annette Buchanan

Gifts and memorials from departed church members are not a popular topic that gets discussed in our congregations. As a society and as individuals we have an aversion to discussing and planning for our own death and those of our loved ones. However, given the demographics of our congregations, much of our clergy’s time is spent doing frequent funerals. Also as individuals we are often unprepared and are making major decisions during our bereavement or illness which is not optimal. Not only do we miss the presence and talents of our departed members but also their financial contributions which helps to maintain the ministry of our churches.

We do need to reintroduce the topic of Gifts and Memorials for the church leadership and congregation, a few ideas to consider include:

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Topics: Planned Giving
August 19, 2015 by Brendon Hunter

Building a Legacy for Future Ministry

In the August Vital Practices Digest, we offer five resources related to planned giving. As always, our fifth resource suggests a way to strengthen your practice of year-round stewardship.

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