August 19, 2015

Vital Practices Digest: 5 Resources for Planned Giving

Building a Legacy for Future Ministry

In the August Vital Practices Digest, we offer five resources related to planned giving. As always, our fifth resource suggests a way to strengthen your practice of year-round stewardship.

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1. Closing the Planning Gap

Have you heard of the “planned giving rubric” in The Book of Common Prayer? “Closing the Planning Gap” shares how planning such final affairs is prudent stewardship that also makes a profound gift for loved ones.

2. Starting Planned Giving from Scratch

How do you start (or re-start) a planned giving program for your congregation? “Starting Planned Giving from Scratch” shares some basic steps that should work for almost any Episcopal faith community.

3. Integrating Annual, Capital, & Planned Giving

Do you worry that your congregation is always asking for money and unable to ask for legacy gifts? “Integrating Annual, Capital, & Planned Giving” shares how these can complement each other to build vibrant current ministries while ensuring their future.

4. No Endowment Fund Means Just That

Do you think your congregation is too small or doesn’t have wealthy people to make a legacy gift? Think again. “No Endowment Fund Means Just That” shares how and why it’s important for every congregation to have an established endowment.


5. Generational Characteristics of Giving: What to Do?

How are you connecting to different generations in your congregation? “Generational Characteristics of Giving: What to Do?” shares general characteristics and strategies for rethinking how to form new givers in your parish across generations.