June 28, 2012

Sweet 16

It was Daisy’s Sweet 16 party and the guest of honor was nowhere to be seen. “She’s in the bedroom, under the bed,” said Jackie, “ and she won’t come out…”

The patio was decorated with pink and purple Sweet 16 napkins, balloons, gifts, and a cake. The minister and his wife were there, as was the woman who had arranged the adoption, 16 years ago.

Daisy never joined the party.

Daisy is a cat and not overly fond of people. Her birthday was both an occasion for getting together and a way to support the Marblehead Animal Shelter. Daisy’s birthday ‘wish list’ was from the shelter’s website; guests came bearing bags of cat food and litter, cat toys, and checks. 

Gatherings and generosity: They go together. In recent years I’ve been invited to – or read about – get-togethers where participants are encouraged to bring a gift to share with a local or area organization. These include:

  • A 60th birthday party where guests were asked to bring a favorite book from their childhood. Books were donated to a local school system.
  • Community ingathering of large plastic children’s toys and play structures which were then cleaned and donated to a variety of children’s organizations.
  • Backpack stuffing parties where families gather to fill donated backpacks and school supplies to give to children in need. 
  • St. Timothy’s “Family Night in the Garden” potluck dinner followed by gardening and prayer 
  • Teens in area communities collecting gently used prom dresses and accessories and setting up boutiques where other teens can ‘shop’ for free or very low cost prom dresses and accessories. 

Encouraging Generosity is the theme for the September/October Vestry Papers. I’d love to hear stories of how you are honoring God’s abundant love and generosity by using the gifts God has given us to transform your community and the world. Do you have a story of gratitude and generosity to share with others? Please do so here by posting a comment or send me an email at ndavidge@episcopalfoundation.org.