January 7, 2016

12 Most Popular Resources for Episcopal Leaders in 2015

What was trendy in 2015? The most helpful tools available?

As part of ECF Vital Practices’ celebration of the 12 Days of Christmas, we “unwrapped” one of the twelve most popular posts that were added to the site in 2015 on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Did you miss one of them?

Here is the complete list for your enjoyment and reference:

Coffee in Church?

Transformational Side Effects of a Capital Campaign

Who Sets the Vision?

A Vision for Your Vestry Retreat

Spiritual Resources Online

SWEEPS Out Burnout

Vestry Orientation

I’m Excited to See the Potential in the Rural Church

Stewardship: Gratitude or Obligation?

Welcoming a New Rector

Simplify Scheduling and Sign-ups

On Being a Senior Warden

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