September 21, 2016

Vital Practices Digest: 5 Stewardship Tools

In the September Vital Practices Digest, we offer 5 resources you can easily incorporate into your fall stewardship campaign, with the 5th a resource to help establish year-round stewardship in your congregation.

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1. Digital Giving: Models and Tools 

Digital Giving: Models and Tools” provides an introduction to online giving tools, offering practical steps and resources for congregations considering adding online giving options.

2. Lessons from an Annual Giving Campaign

Lessons from an Annual Giving Campaign” offers an approach to an annual giving campaign that has our Baptismal Covenant at the center. 

3. Tools to Transform Money into Ministry

Tools to Transform Money into Ministry” shares the theology, program outline, and supporting documents, including a campaign letter, homily, and midyear pledge letter, from St. Paul’s ‘transform money into ministry’ annual campaign.

4. Pledge Drive & Plate Offering Analysis Worksheet

Pledge Drive & Plate Offering Analysis Worksheet” introduces a template leaders can use to analyze giving and pledging data to help recognize trends and patterns. 


5. Spirituality of Fundraising

Spirituality of Fundraising” invites congregations to consider fundraising as a form of ministry, using Henri J.M. Nouwen’s booklet of the same name as a guide for conversation and discernment.

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