June 2, 2017

Celebrating Pentecost

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Acts 2:4

On Sunday June 4, Christians around the globe will be celebrating Pentecost, the day in which the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles as “divided tongues, as of fire” enabling them to preach the Good News in many languages. Pentecost is oftentimes called the “Birthday of the Church” because Peter preaches his first sermon shortly afterward, urging the people to believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah and some 3,000 people were converted as a result.

To commemorate this important day, ECF staff members are wearing red to remind us of the fire and ongoing work of the Spirit, while others have made a delicious birthday cake. If you’d like to make a cake to celebrate your church, here’s a special recipe you may wish to try.

We’d love to hear how you and your church are celebrating the “Birthday of the Church”. Tweet to us at @EpisChFdtn with pictures and the hashtag #PentecostWithECF