September 1, 2018

Why are we here?

It’s still Ordinary Time in the church calendar – that long season after Pentecost so rich with stories of Jesus’ miracles, run-ins with authorities, and teachings about how he is the bread of life, our truth, light and way to God.

For many of us, it’s also a time of return to ordinary… back to the routine of school and less play, of church activities and less heading out of town most weekends. If your coffee hour now returns to speakers or discussion groups, this might be a good topic: Why are we here?

Perhaps this sounds scary to ask. It’s not meant to present a challenge. It is offered as a way to infuse the return of busy-ness with a bit of inspiration. So you might ask it like this:

Why are we here? Let’s remind each other why we love each other and this special home by answering: What is it about our faith community that makes it, 1) “community,” and, 2) “of faith?”

Or: What about coming here brings you joy?

Or: Where do you see Jesus here?

Have someone record folks’ answers on flip chart paper. If youth are present, encourage them to answer too. Then celebrate the affirmation of community, faith, and love. Rejoice that this is no ordinary time nor place after all.