September 2, 2021

Giving as Worship

Stewardship sermons and testimonies offered through the years eventually sunk in, causing me to prayerfully consider how much I give back to God and why I do so. I think I’ve reached a good place in my understanding and generosity, and I’m happy about that.

The opportunity to give electronically helped my giving too. It’s easy and convenient to make donations with a few taps on my computer or phone. When I started giving online, I felt a little squirmy on Sundays when the offering plate went by and I sat frozen in my pew, avoiding eye contact with the usher. But then my church added a new option on our pledge envelopes: a place to check “We/I gave this week online.” So now I can drop an empty envelope in the plate and smile assuredly at the usher.

Recently, however, I’ve learned others give in an entirely different dimension. These folks prefer not to give electronically because presenting their gift in church is a spiritual act that adds meaning to their worship experience.

Beyond giving back to God, these givers reverence God as they release something into the plate. “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,” their hearts sing. Not just, “thanks for all I have,” but, “thanks for who you are, my Creator and Redeemer.”

That’s the place I’m aiming for now.

How might your congregation’s stewardship ministry help people grow as disciples who see their giving as an act of worship, whether done online or in person?