September 22, 2021

Five Resources on Stewardship and Abundance

This month we offer five resources on stewardship and abundance. Please share this digest with new members of your vestry and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices to receive Vestry Papers, blogs, and the monthly digest.

In their article, Stewardship and Abundance During a Pandemic, the Rev. Mark McKone-Sweet and Demetreus Gregg discuss their experience with stewardship during the pandemic.

The Rev. Jimmy Bartz explores the concepts of abundance and having enough in Enough Love to Go Around.

In An Audacious Spirit of Abundance, the Rev. Sandy Webb talks about a mindset of scarcity vs. a mindset of abundance and how a mindset of abundance can inspire a congregation. He says, “A spirit of scarcity can tear a parish down. A spirit of abundance can build one up.”

Dr. Sandra Montes explores stewardship on a personal level in Ways to Live in Abundance and how stewardship of resources is important, “Stewardship has a lot to do with the good management of what God has given us: time, talent, and treasure.”

The Rev. Ken Howard details ten do’s and don’t’s of stewardship that he has found true in his long career in The Episcopal Church in 10 Counterintuitive Practices that will Improve Your Stewardship (even during a pandemic). But don’t take his word for it; test them and see for yourself!