September 27, 2011

How Do You Engage the Bible?

Congregations across the Anglican Communion are invited to take part in a communion-wide survey which asks how Episcopalians and Anglicans understand and engage with the Bible. In the Diocese of Connecticut’s September 24, 2011 weekly eNews, editor Karin Hamilton writes:

How do you engage the Bible? Survey, study option

The Bible in the Life of the Church project, of the Anglican Communion, wants to know how you understand and engage with the Bible. So they've created a survey, online and paper. It takes about 15 minutes. They've also created a five-session study program.

From the project coordinator Stephen Lyon: "We rightly say the Bible is central to our life together but we also engage with it and interpret it in different ways. What are those differences? Why might there be differences? What can we learn from those who differ from us?"

Three ways to get involved include: (1) get your church or group to participate together (see "Guidelines for distribution and collection" here); (2) take part individually (link here); and (3) use the survey as part of a five-week bible study program (details of the leader's notes here).

Details about the Bible in the Life of the Church Project here. Full text of ACNS news release here. Includes contact info.