Donald Romanik

Donald V. Romanik has been President of the

Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) since 2005. He was formerly Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs for The Connecticut Institute for the Blind/Oak Hill, a charitable organization based in Hartford and also served as an attorney in both government and private practice. Mr. Romanik has a strong background in labor and employment law, advocacy, government relations, and non-profit law and administration. He has been active in a variety of tax-exempt civic, charitable and religious organizations and was a former member and President of the Hartford Board of Education. 

While at ECF, Mr. Romanik has stabilized the financial and administrative infrastructure, led the organization through a comprehensive strategic planning process, and has developed and nurtured a number of partnerships and collaborations with the Episcopal Church Center, dioceses, and other Episcopal organizations. He is a strong advocate and proponent of lay leadership and the ministry of all the baptized and frequently writes and speaks on topics relating to leadership and resource development for Episcopal Communities of faith. Mr. Romanik served as Chairperson of the Parish Committee of Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) in Hartford, Connecticut (Senior Warden) and as Chairperson of the Spanish Language Ministries Committee for the Diocese of Connecticut. 

Mr. Romanik’s recent book – Beyond the Baptismal Covenant: Transformational Lay Leadership for the Episcopal Church in the 21st Century advocates for a new type of entrepreneurial priest and effective clergy-lay partnerships to help congregations respond to God’s call and move from one state of being to another.