Grow Christians

Grow Christians is a partnership between Forward Movement and Plainsong Farm.

Together, we aim to create an online community of discipleship focused on the practical details of life at home. Gathering reflections, stories, images and recipes from diverse Episcopalians, this group blog inspires generations to come together as they celebrate the presence of God through the Christian year.

Grow Christians started as a pilot project for Lent 2016. It was a temporary project on purpose, because a major intergenerational effort like this needs reflection from the whole church. Should it continue? How can we make it most useful?

We’re now early in the Easter season, and we’re happy to report that Grow Christians is continuing. We’re beginning to make tweaks and adjustments, and settle into a longer second-stage pilot that will last through September 2016.

Forward Movement is a self-sustaining ministry of The Episcopal Church that has been inspiring disciples and empowering evangelists around the globe since 1935. While we produce great resources like Forward Day by Day, Lent Madness, books, apps, and curriculums, Forward Movement is not a publishing company. We are a ministry. Our mission is to support you in your spiritual journey, to make stronger disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. Each year, we donate over 100,000 resources for Bible study, daily reflection, and spiritual nourishment through free online offerings like this one, and gifts to prisoners, hospital patients, and nursing home residents.

Plainsong Farm is a new ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. Our mission is to practice our faith in place as disciples of Jesus Christ, providing food, hospitality and farm-based education to those of every faith and none, for the glory of God and the stewardship of God’s creation. In 2016 we are starting our first growing season, partnering with donors and agencies to deliver fresh local produce to emergency food pantries, developing our environmental education and faith formation programs, and continuing to connect and catalyze the Christian food movement.