Peter Strimer

As rector of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Seattle, Washington, Peter Strimer experiences all the challenges and joys of a 350-household parish with a vibrant children and youth ministry as well as a Center for Healing, Community and Lifelong Learning.   

Following his MDiv program at Berkeley/Yale, Peter’s ministry began as Associate Rector of Trinity, Columbus, Ohio where he served as the outreach and youth pastor. He then ran the Hunger Network in Ohio while completing the course work for a PhD in Communication. In 1988 Peter helped found the Third Ave. Community Church, a new church start that used principles of Liberation Theology to launch a congregation committed to social justice. In his last years in Ohio he was also vicar, of St. John’s, Columbus, before receiving a call to be the Canon Missioner at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, in 1995.   

After eight years at St. Mark’s Peter moved to the Bishop of Olympia’s office as Missioner for Communication Ministry. In 2006 he returned to parish work after being elected rector of St. Andrew’s. 

Added November 2010.