October 10, 2013

"From the Community and for the Community"

A former Baptist minister with significant experience and passion for serving minority populations, Eric McIntosh has been invited to develop a grassroots ministry at St. James Episcopal Church in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, which will be “from the community and for the community.” This year, Eric was awarded an ECF Fellowship for his remarkable work. Learn more about Eric and his ministry below.

More about the Rev. Eric McIntosh:

In 2008, the members of St. James chose to leave the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh retaining control of the church building. Nearly three years later, when the former Episcopalians voluntarily moved to a new location and vacated the church, Bishop Kenneth L. Price immediately committed to rebuilding an Episcopal Church congregation at that location. Eric believes that St. James has been given a unique opportunity to start all over again, and sees the largely minority community surrounding St. James as a ripe mission field for the Episcopal Church. “St. James is uniquely located where a Christ-centered ministry could have great impact for the Kingdom of God and positive change for the community.”

As a candidate in the Episcopal Church’s ordination process, Eric brings more than twenty years of past ministry experience in evangelical traditions. This focus on evangelism has led him to create “servant evangelism projects” aimed at reducing Episcopalians’ anxiety around sharing their faith with others. This focus and passion for evangelism will serve him well as he begins to form the core leadership team for St. James in Penn Hills.

Eric also presently serves on the Spiritual Leaders Caucus and the Gun Violence Task Force of the Pennsylvania Inner-faith Impact Network (PIIN). There, he serves with an ecumenical group to engage local government, multi-faith congregations, the local police and community to address social justice issues as well as the gun violence problem that plagues Pittsburgh’s inner city communities.

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