October 21, 2014

Civil Discourse

The shrill, my-opinion-is-the-only-opinion way of talking, isn't working. 

As a society at large and in the wider church as well as our local congregations, we too often divide into like-minded factions, erecting barricades and resentments against those with different positions on certain issues. 

I wonder if we've become hunkered down so much with like-minded people that we've lost the muscle tone to do the heavy-lifting of engaged, respectful conversation. 

The Episcopal Church is offering a personal trainer--or at least some thoughtful, reflective discussion -- about how we can talk with one another and build relationships even with people who have differing opinions. 

On Oct. 22, The Episcopal Church is hosting and producing a groundbreaking forum: Civil Discourse in America: Finding Common Ground for the Greater Good. Well-respected leaders from differing backgrounds will serve as panelists with a focus on two key areas: Civil Discourse and Faith in America and Civil Discourse in Politics and Policy. The goal is to model civil discourse, to show by example that difficult issues such as faith and politics can--and should--be explored. Done with care and consideration, these conversations can strengthen our relationships and communities, helping us to live and love one another as Jesus commanded. 

The forum and webcast begins at 2:00 pm on Oct. 22 and can be viewed athttp://www.episcopalchurch.org/page/civil-discourse-event