April 15, 2015

Vital Practices Digest: 5 Resources for Caring for Creation

Greening Our Faith

In this month’s Vital Practices Digest, we highlight 5 ways for congregations to practice their commitment to caring for our earth home and all who inhabit it. Our 5[1] resource is a suggestion for congregations interested in the practice of year round stewardship and gratitude.

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1. Tending to the Earth with Children

Tending to the Earth with Children” offers some simple ways young people can care for creation at home and church.

2. Global Warming and Global Ministry

Watch the video and download the resources of “Global Warming and Global Ministry,” a webinar on the impact of global warming on communities and how we can respond as individuals and communities of faith.

3. One Cup at a Time…

Caring for the environment can be an overwhelming task. "One Cupt at a Time..." asks how can we as stewards of God’s creation support and keep each other accountable?

4. Earth Day Resources

Check out Earth Day Resources offering selected resources on liturgy, green congregations and climate change, and church gardens.


5. Greening Our Faith – Putting Belief into Action

Greening Our Faith – Putting Belief into Action” offers a menu of opportunities for congregations to take the first steps toward developing ongoing environmental stewardship and ministry.

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