February 17, 2016

Vital Practices Digest: Vestry 101 Resources for February

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This month we’re featuring 5 ways to help your newly forming vestry get off to a strong start, being a resource to aid in developing year round stewardship in your congregation.

1. Vestry as Body of Christ

St. Nicholas’ congregation attributes its health to its practice of “being church first, do church second.” “Vestry as Body of Christ” shares how this understanding plays out in the structure and processes of their vestry.

2. Wardens’ Work

What is the role of the senior warden? “Wardens’ Work” shares the expertise and experience of current and former wardens in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

3. Managing Volunteers

Coordinating volunteers can be a challenge, is it worth the trouble? “Managing Volunteers” offers five guidelines to help take the stress out of managing volunteers and make it a worthwhile experience for everyone involved.

4. Commissioning New Parish Leaders

Does your congregation have a way of prayerfully honoring and supporting the ministry of your new leaders? “Commissioning New Parish Leaders” offers a template for congregations to use with new vestry and other congregational leaders.


5. Care and Feeding of Priests

Is the care and feeding of the clergy in a congregation a sign of health, or lack thereof? “Care and Feeding of Priests” encourages us to look for ways of sharing kindness and generosity that might also extend further into the congregation.

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