March 16, 2016

Vital Practices Digest: 5 Treasurer Basics for March

In the March Vital Practices Digest, we offer 5 treasurer basics every parish leader involved with finances might use, with the 5th a resource to help develop year-round stewardship in your congregation.

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1. Lessons from a Rookie Treasurer

Lessons from a Rookie Treasurer” offers wisdom and advice to help other novice treasurers get up to speed and suggestions for making the role more manageable.

2. Create a sound parish budget

Create a sound parish budget” shares how to start mapping out a clear budget and avoid common issues congregations face with finances throughout the year.

3. Discretionary Funds: Guiding Principles

Confidential or secret? “Discretionary Funds: Guiding Principles” shares a set of principles and sample report for handling a discretionary fund.

4. Sharing Audits

Sharing Audits,” describes ways to team up with neighboring churches to conduct an audit that may not only be less expensive, but might also be more useful.


5. Year Round Stewardship: Talking About Money

Year Round Stewardship: Talking About Money” looks at the intersection of personal financial wellness and personal stewardship and shares how to engage in discussion and reflection as a way to develop an individual theology of stewardship.

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