July 29, 2016

Turn Toward Love: An Interactive Art Installation

Turn Toward Love, an interactive art installation at Christ Church Cathedral and the Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer, in Houston,Texas launched Sunday, July 24, 2016 as a response to current events. Isiah Carey on Fox 26 covered it that same evening.

In the days following, it became clear that Turn Toward Love was an impactful experience for not only those who leave messages, but also those who bear witness to them. People were moved — sometimes to tears — by the boards, the notes and drawings on them, and lasting resonance of writing one's thoughts and feelings. Ministries assistant Debra Cross shares:

“As I stood next to Turn Toward Love, people seemed eager to share their deepest heartfelt feelings in light of the turmoil and confusion that is happening in our world right now. It touched me in ways I did not expect – it was such an outpouring of love from people of all walks of life.”

Due to the tremendous response, Turn Toward Love will be extended another week to give more people a chance to see it, leave messages, and share. From noon to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday, the panels will be up and available to anyone in Houston. Youth in the CUSE program (Cathedral Urban Service Experience) will be on hand to answer questions and facilitate participation. It also lives online at #TurnTowardLoveHTX.

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