November 3, 2016

Fundraising and Fellowship

Many of us have just completed the stewardship campaigns in our congregations and, as we are in my congregation, reviewing how close we came to having 100% of the pledge cards completed. More than likely there is a shortfall from pledges and we are now looking at supplemental income streams if we are not blessed with a large endowment.

Many fundraising committees were formed to fill this shortfall gap, and hold within them the tension of raising desperately needed funds with the desire to have an event that the congregation, family, and friends will support.

So, at our church, we get very creative in having events such as: musical recitals, plays, shopping trips, raffles, tea parties, dance parties etc. We also have very strong “theological” discussions about whether visiting a casino or hosting a Bingo Game is sinful.

Then there are those who are adamantly opposed to having any fundraising committees and arguing that the church should be supported primarily from member’s tithes.

As a former chair I believe fundraising committees have an important role in our churches, if they are indeed focused on fellowship. If events allow members to better know each other, if families are brought together, if nonchurch members have an opportunity to interact with our church community positively then the committees will be instruments for evangelism.

Also if we are good stewards of our church buildings and worship spaces and allow them to be used beyond Sunday and some Wednesday services for these events there are positive outcomes for ourselves and the community.

Fundraising and fellowship a wonderful opportunity for service.

What is your congregation's approach to fundraising?

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