July 10, 2017

Summer Church

For many, especially those in seasonal climates, the summer months (July and August) are regarded as the time when the church slows down. We may combine services, the priest maybe on vacation, the vestry may not meet, the choir may not sing, Sunday school may be cancelled, and many guilds will also suspend their meetings until the fall. While totally in agreement that we need rest and relaxation, and it is the most popular vacation time, do we all need to rest from church obligations at the same time. Sadly it is also a time when finances go on vacation as our support of the church dwindles during the summer months.

Ideally the church should be a source of revitalization for us year round. Perhaps we should approach the summer months as an opportunity to try out different ideas and get out of the rut of predictability. Creative ideas that have been observed in the summer months include, services at the park or the beach, Morning Prayer with a lay person where we tell our stories, Vacation Bible School, vestry “barbeque” meetings at a member’s home, visiting choirs and clergy, coffee hour with a summer menu, special activities e.g. boat-rides, church picnic, outdoor food fest, etc.

We may also attract visitors who are vacationing in our area, we therefore want to showcase our church at its best. Do you invite friends and family who are visiting to attend your church if yes why, if no why not?. How do you feel when on vacation and visiting another church? Is your church listed in the tourist brochures and on the websites for your town? We should all be proud of our church homes.

Church is year-round and should be given the priority and attention it deserves in all seasons. “…winter and summer, glorify the Lord, praise him and highly exalt him forever…” BCP A Song of Creation.