October 24, 2018

Five Resources on Church Budgeting and Finance

This month we offer five resources to help your congregation with church budgeting and finance. Please share this digest with new members of your vestry and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices to receive Vestry Papers and the monthly digest.

1. In his article, Church Finance—Where Endurance Matters, Robert Button shares his wisdom as a vestry member and a church treasurer. From stewardship and budgeting, capital campaigns, and internal controls and audits, to the long view, this is a great overview of why church finance matters and how it can be spiritually fulfilling to those called to steward church finances.

2. Not only is the article Money Minutes helpful, it comes with six, short videos, in which Sandra Montes provides one-minute conversation starters on money matters in the church. Engaging and accessible, the videos are quick, helpful reminders of best practices as they pertain to church finances and stewardship.

3. Have you ever looked at a financial statement and wondered how to make sense of it all? The good news is you’re not alone! Nancy Frischner, in the The Purpose of Basic Financial Statements, encourages us to consider developing our financial statements in a way that is more compelling and meaningful to the reader. Financial statements will always have numbers, but they can also share a story and get people excited about the story the numbers are telling.

4. Budgeting—What’s Essential? Who Decides? is a fun blog post by Richelle Thompson. What kind of church budget might be developed if the budgeting process was inspired by the conversations fueled from a game? This is a great exercise to cultivate intergenerational conversation around spending, mission and values. If you try it, please share your experience with us!

5. Did you know that the way your parish spends money is directly linked to mission and ministry, and is a key indication of your congregation’s identity? In this webinar, Fearless Finances—Parish Budgets, Donald Romanik and Jerry Keucher offer a “no-jargon” overview and practical ways of enhancing two critical aspects of parish finance - budgeting and investing.