January 4, 2019

Make it plain, Lord

A new calendar year brings renewed resolutions to do things right. When it comes to diet and exercise, common sense generally is the answer (sigh): eat less, move more.

Recognizing a “common sense” for a congregation can be more complicated, especially if you’ve done a good job of gathering a diverse leadership team bringing varied experiences, values and convictions to the table. There may be several options for every issue, from the budget to determining new ministries to advance justice or serve the poor. Oh, why can’t the answer be obvious?

This is an ancient request. David asked God for direction, as found in Psalm 27: 11: Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path...” (King James)

Two centuries ago, Samuel Sebastian Wesley wrote Lead me, Lord – a hymn pleading for God to make His will obvious:

Lead me, Lord,
Lead me in Thy righteousness,
Make They way plain before my face.

Helpful information exists on the Vital Practices and Episcopal Church Foundation websites to help your faith community explore strategic direction or develop leadership and other resources. But perhaps a great way to start is to come together in unity, rejoicing in your diverse strengths, asking God to make plain your way as faith community, and opening your hearts to accept the answers you receive.