February 19, 2020

Five Resources on Visioning

This month we offer five resources on visioning. Please share this digest with new members of your vestry and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices to receive Vestry Papers and the monthly digest.

1) Have you undertaken a visioning process before and not had much success? In Eight Visioning Mistakes to Avoid, Melissa Rau outlines some common mistakes made by congregations and offers helpful solutions.

2) In Five Questions at the Heart of Strategic Planning, Linda Buskirk reins in the jargon that can accompany strategic planning with a touch of humor, and explains how the answers to five simple questions can bring you closer to your goals.

3) What is the difference between having a strategy and the process of strategic planning? In Financial Visioning in Seven Steps, James Jordan breaks down the process of visioning for the future into achievable goals and tasks.

4) In a rapidly changing world and Church, how can we proactively prepare ourselves for the future? In his webinar, Strategic Visioning and Planning for Congregations, ECF President Donald Romanik illustrates how congregations can begin to get unstuck and move into having relevant, meaningful, and vital conversations about their future.

5) In Planning Your Work, Working Your Plan, Jim Said shares his congregation’s experience of using the Invite Welcome Connect method which focuses on building a growing and engaged congregation first, and strategic visioning next.