September 28, 2022

Five Resources on Youth Ministry

This month we offer five resources on youth ministry. Please share this digest with new members of your vestry and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices to receive Vestry Papers, blogs, and the monthly digest.

Michael Carney writes about youth ministry during the pandemic at St. Elizabeth’s, an Episcopal mission on the Ute Reservation in northeast Utah in Youth Ministry Pandemic Style.

In Back-To-Church: Youth Outreach, Annette Buchanan suggests that September is an ideal opportunity to have a back-to-church month for our youth.

Meredith Rogers stresses the importance of including children and youth workers in programming and planning in An Open Letter to Vestry Members From a Youth Minister.

In The Liturgy of Camp, Spencer Hatcher talks about the transformative power of community that can be found at an Episcopal summer camp.

Renee McKenzie implores us to listen to our youth, as their viewpoints are valuable and valid as citizens in Lift Every Voice.