Bob Leopold

Bob Leopold is Missioner for the Diocese of East Tennessee, where he serves

Southside Abbey in the diverse Southside neighborhood of Chattanooga. Southside Abbey is a non-traditional model of worshiping community that engages in justice ministries and gathers for a meal and worship on Friday evenings beginning at 6:11pm in a not-for-profit art gallery. 

The Southside of Chattanooga is a rapidly-changing part of town that combines a youthful spirit of entrepreneurship with those who carry a personal history that many Chattanoogans would rather forget. Southside Abbey exists in the wonderfully complicated interplay of these worlds, led by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus wherever that leads. Bob is happily married to a renowned middle school band director, Lisa. The two of them enjoy following Jesus, being in their neighborhood, playing German boardgames and traveling to Phish concerts. His diet is gluten-, soy-, dairy-, treenut- and shellfish-free. Not one of these restrictions is by choice. Be sure to ask him how he feels about that.

If you would like to chat with him about anything, please feel free to email Bob.

Added August 2013.