October 3, 2012

Editor's Letter: October 2012 Practicing Generosity

For many of us, fall means football: College games on Saturdays and the pros on Sundays. Television commentators dissect every aspect of every game, with coaches and players each getting their fair share of attention.

Recognizing the impact good coaching can have on a team’s performance, this month ECF Vital Practices invited faith leaders experienced in cultivating generosity to serve as coaches for congregational leaders interested in building a deeper relationship between faith in God and giving.

When the Diocese of Ohio committed to the Episcopal Church’s Rebuild Our Church in Haiti campaign, congregations were encouraged to think of ways to incorporate the experience of building into their programs. In “Brick by Brick,” Elizabeth McKay Moosbrugger shares ways congregations rose to the occasion.

Recognizing there is often a disconnect between program based budgeting and a spiritual connection to giving, Angela Emerson invites congregations to join her in proclaiming “No More Pledge Cards - Please!” and instead consider a year round generosity program designed to strengthen our spiritual relationship with God.

Charles LaFond visualizes the stewardship campaign chairperson as a coach in “Stewardship Presence Making: A Parable.” Drawing a parallel between the fitness coach whose encouragement helps transform unhealthy lifestyles to healthier ones, he sees the stewardship chair as someone who can help us transform an unhealthy addiction around money into a different understanding of giving and generosity.

In “Generosidad,” Armantina Peláez invites us to think about generosity in terms of time and talent as well as treasure. Drawing upon her experience as a member of a Latino/a congregation, she shares how practicing generosity through shared experiences can enrich a congregation. This article is also available in English.

Following each article is a list of resources offering additional information and/or practical tools. A key resource for “Practicing Generosity” is TENS, The Episcopal Network for Stewardship, dedicated to providing training and resources for stewardship leaders across the Episcopal Church and beyond. 

Additional resources may also be found by clicking on the ECF Vital Practices’ Topics button and then clicking on Stewardship

I invite you to add to this content by sharing the ways your congregation practices generosity. Post your stories, tips, and resources in the Your Turn section and in the comments box at the end of each article, blog post, or resource.