December 2, 2010

Advent Haiku

First candle is lit

Boughs on brass stand shimmering

In the deep darkness

That is the haiku I wrote in 10 minutes during the first class of our Advent series
Advent Haiku- The Spirit in the Heart of the Moment. It is being taught by Margaret McGee who is author of Haiku - The Sacred Art and Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment. As a retreat and workshop leader, she specializes in programs that combine creativity and contemplation. For more information about Margaret and her work, see her website

Last green tomato –

Putting the garden to bed.

Spider at the door.

She started by gleaning from the group of 20 images of their hopes for creativity in the coming year as well as phrases describing the ways we marked the changing of the season (Fall to Winter, Pentecost to Advent). These became the building blocks for people’s writing efforts.

Walking in the woods

Heavy trees lichen clustered

Create Yellow dye

The ancient Japanese practice of Haiku seems perfectly suited to the pace we seek in Advent. Slower, observant, quiet, with an element of surprise. I commend to you its practice during this season. A bunch of us in a room generated over 30 poems in just one session. Let your words flow.

Wrapped in warm sweaters-

In a circle we compose

Haiku from thin air