March 15, 2017

ECF’s 5 Ideas for Better Church Meetings

How can we meet better? This month we offer five resources to help your vestry or other church group have more engaging and productive meetings. Please share this digest with new members of your vestry and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices’ to receive Vestry Papers and the monthly digest.

1. The Consent Calendar

Is too much time taken up on routine business? “The Consent Calendar” introduces this tool and how it can be used with your vestry or other group.

2. Why Pray at Church Meetings? Even if you’re already praying at church meetings, “Why Pray at Church Meetings?” suggests how we might benefit by rethinking why and how we pray at church meetings.

3. Running a Holy and Effective Meeting

Using tools adapted from the tradition of movement building and community organizing, “Running a Holy and Effective Meeting” offers practical guidance for your congregation.

4. Break with a Purpose: How to Make the Most of your Next Meeting

Break with a Purpose: How to Make the Most of your Next Meeting” shares how leaders can use breaks not only to give an energy boost, but also as time for cultivating relationships and team building.

5. Simplify Scheduling and Sign-Ups

Simplify Scheduling and Sign-Ups” shares two easy and free tools to make scheduling a meeting and doing sign-ups online much easier and more flexible for everyone involved.