March 23, 2018

There’s still time

I lugged my technology-laden baggage over the stone path and up the wooden stairs to the entrance of my cabin. I couldn't believe I had an entire cabin to myself at Kanuga, the beloved Episcopal conference, retreat and camp center in North Carolina.

I started touring, taking photos to text to my husband. The cabin was sheer rustic charm, including a fire place with a small pile of chopped wood on the hearth!

I intended to review notes for the retreat I would be facilitating the next day, but just had to build a fire. After it was blazing, I called my husband to ask if he had seen my latest pic captioned, "1 match."

I thought about posting this achievement to Facebook, but stopped at my absurdity. In this natural spiritual sanctuary of peace and beauty, I was going to get on Facebook? No, I would not, I concluded. For the rest of the evening, no electronics. Just me, the fire, and Jesus. No need for wi-fi - My Lord was right here, listening and caring more deeply than anything on the internet. We had a wonderful chat.

I think of this every Lent when I hear someone say s/he is giving up technology for the season. Which, by the way, I’ve never done. But if you have, I admire you!

Lent 2018 is in its final weeks. Perhaps as a parish leader, you’ve stayed busy preparing Lenten meals for Wednesday night services, or getting marketing plans set to invite the public to Easter. Perhaps you wish you had been more intentional about “a Holy Lent,” but think there’s no time left to slow down before the Big Day.

There is. Leaders need time for quiet reflection too. I pray you experience the Holy.