September 26, 2018

Leaders of the Jesus Movement

As the Presiding Bishop continues to call us deeper into the Jesus Movement, especially now that we have the Way of Love as a tool to guide us deeper into relationship with Jesus and our neighbor, it’s time for us to start talking about what a Jesus Movement Leader looks like. We need leaders in this movement. Bishop Curry and Canon Spellers can’t do it all on their own!

For my part, I’ve been watching some of the emerging leaders and taking note at how intentionally they walk into their leadership roles. I’ve noticed that many of the leaders of the Jesus Movement take up less space in their leadership role. It has been eye opening for me. It has lead me to my own mantra in leading Forma these past two years: “How much space do I need to take up before I can make space for someone else?” or “Take up less space!”

In order to be a good leader, I know we must feel secure in our ability to lead. We need to feel grounded and empowered. There is a certain amount of space we need to take up in order to achieve that. However, due to the ever-buggy human condition, we often take up far more space than we really need before we make room for someone else to join us in leadership. I’m watching these disciple leaders and seeing that they take up less and less space before making room for the next person every day. They make room for the other. They don’t just get out of the way of the people whose voices aren’t heard enough, they clear obstacles out of their way.

It is my view that this is what 21[1] century leadership looks like in our Church. How are we setting a place for others at the table and clearing obstacles for those whose voice isn’t heard? How are we making this Church a breeding ground for persons with disabilities to lead us? How are we looking into the Church of tomorrow and preparing the ground for the next generation to lead? How are we moving out of the way and taking up less space?

My prayer life is guided by this idea. If I need more space today than I did yesterday, it is time for me to get right with God. If I need less space, then I know that God has been in it. I know that I haven’t been driving the agenda. If I can go to bed at night and see that I have become humbler and more empowering of others, I can put a check mark next to the day and rest easy.

Who’s with me?

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