December 18, 2018

A Throne in Your Heart

Make room! Clear the way! Jesus is coming, so let His car into your traffic lane.

And onto your calendar too. Make room for good, like baking cookies to deliver to shut-ins, buying gifts for Angel Tree children, staging the chancel for the Christmas pageant, and a hundred other acts of love and joy.

We who are active in the church do this because we made room in our hearts for Jesus some time in the past, and He stayed. When we think about this as we hustle and bustle, we might say, “Now Jesus, there is plenty of room. You sit and keep me company as I finish wrapping these presents.”

An old Advent theme calls us to make more than space for Jesus: Let every heart prepare a throne. This makes for a lovely Advent meditation.

Imagine a throne that mirrors your gratitude and devotion, in an image God created you to love. Maybe the throne you envision is plush with purple velvet, dripping with pearls, and elevated so you gaze up in worshipful praise. Or is it a comfortable rocker pulled close to the fireplace, where you can kneel and place your grateful head on Jesus’ knee? Whether bling or rustic, is it a place of honor, front and center where you can’t miss it?

Whatever image comes to your mind, prepare that holy seat in your heart. Jesus is coming.