November 20, 2019

Five Resources for Generous Hospitality

This month we offer five resources on generous hospitality. Please share this digest with new members of your vestry and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practicesto receive Vestry Papers and the monthly digest.

1) Do you take notice of members who aren’t at church? How can we practice mindfulness in caring for our church family? In his blog, Who’s New and Who’s Missing, Peter Strimer shares his method for keeping everyone in the loop of ministry.

2) In Metaphorical Access Ramps, Lisa Fischbeck muses that community activities like festivals, concerts and sales are wonderful ways to get new people to step foot in church. These kinds of events serve as “metaphorical access ramps” for folks in the neighborhood who have walked by the church but never made it in the door.

3) Is your church a little stuck in its ways when it comes to newcomers? In Doggone Welcome, Richelle Thompson tells the story of a guest who brings a dog to church and how her daughter’s response of welcome created a space of joy and warmth for the newcomer.

4) In Easier Hospitality, Jeremiah Sierra shares his experience as an introvert and newcomer looking for a new church community. Read about why he felt most at ease at St. Lydia’s, a dinner church in Brooklyn, where he was quickly put to work helping prepare a meal.

5) When a guest comes to your parish for the first time, what do they experience? In Amp up your hospitality, Kathy Copas recommends specific steps to help manage first impressions, which can be crucial for newcomers.