October 27, 2011

Exploring Gratitude – on Facebook!

The best thing about my job as editor of ECF Vital Practices is being able to share good/interesting things happening in our church. I recently received a Facebook message from Stefani Schatz, a friend from my days at Episcopal Divinity School:

“Hi Nancy, we're doing something pretty special and unique in November at Trinity Reno. I don't think anyone has used FB this way (at least I haven't seen it) Can you help us get some "press" or buzz?? Questions can go to my colleague Rick Millsap.”

Intrigued, I continued reading, curious about what this congregation was planning:

"A Month of Gratitude" begins on Facebook Tues., Nov. 1 [2011]!

Gratitude is a source of life and joy for all people of faith. Every day in November, Monday through Friday, you'll be invited to explore gratitude in your life through different ways. Check us on Facebook every day, or just drop in and visit when you feel like it. Can't get to it on a specific day? That's OK – respond to the posts as you have time on another day. Sometimes you might feel like responding or adding a comment; some days you might just want to read the thoughts of others.

Go to the Trinity’s website (www.TRINITYRENO.ORG). On the homepage, there’s a link to “A Month of Gratitude”. When the page opens, click the “Like” button to participate.

Here's how our week will go...

  • Mon.: Respond to a Poll – Mondays are busy, so all you do is click and vote on a topic related to gratitude! 
  • Tues.: Respond to a Scripture!
  • Wed.: Writing Prompt – Complete a sentence, react to a picture, tell us about you!
  • Thurs.: Movie Day – Watch a short (3 or 4 min.) YouTube video about gratitude, and then share your thoughts!
  • Fri.: Prayer – We'll start the prayer, you continue it in the comments!

I immediately signed up. I’m eager to see what kind of traffic this site receives and interested in the content: both what is posted by Trinity Reno and the responses generated by participants. I’m also interested in where this experiment might lead.

Thanks Stefani for sharing this page with me. I’d also like to thank the leadership at Trinity Reno not only for offering “A Month of Gratitude” but also for featuring a very welcoming “Welcome” page on their website. (Check it out.) It is full of information a visitor or seeker might want to know – and uses commonly understood terms to help people learn more about Trinity and the Episcopal Faith.

How are you using Facebook or other social media to build community? Have you developed a website or other resource that is working really well for your congregation? I’d love to hear about – and share with others - the vital practices your congregation is using to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in your community and beyond. You can send me an email at ndavidge@episcopalfoundatioin.org, or if you are a registered user of this site, please leave a comment below or post your resource in the Your Turn section of this site.