September 28, 2015

Tell Me A Story

Capital campaign planning includes both thought and study about a church’s 'To-Do' list. As people gather data, the project list may soon dominate the conversation. Yes, it is important to build the new wheelchair ramp with the required 1:12 ramp slope ratio that equals 4.8 degrees slope, but, is that going to stir the hearts of parishioners to support the capital campaign? Wouldn’t it be better to… 

Tell me a story
Of how it will be.
When the work is complete
What will I see?

Will I see people with new ways to welcome their guests?
Will I see the hungry in new ways be blessed?
Will I see holy space transformed to be accessible
Or designed to make God's house joyfully flexible?

Will I see new ministries for serving the poor?
Will the church be a beacon for neighbors once more?
Will strangers find light where once there was dark?
Or will they at last know where they can park?

Will children have safe classrooms for learning and play?
Will young lives be challenged to love God and pray?
Will young families be welcomed with their needs in mind?
When all generations seek, what will they find?

Will I hear music that stirs deep in my soul?
Will worship be richer with that new organ console?
Will people find Jesus in our music and tradition 
when worship is enhanced by a sanctuary addition?

Tell me a story of what I will see
And what the impact of ministries will be.
Tell me a story to help me understand 
the value of all the projects being planned.

Draw me a picture with words and with love 
of how all this planning is tied to above, 
Of how God is calling this church to new mission 
In teaching or housing or just in the kitchen.

Tell me a story of how I have been blessed 
By those who have gone before and made their bequests.
Invite me to join them with gratitude anew 
So that this wonderful story comes true.

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