An often overlooked aspect of our ministries is the need for and importance of transportation.
Two easy and free tools to make scheduling a meeting and doing sign-ups online much easier and more flexible for everyone involved.
A real concern for many lay leaders is how to have a lively spirit-filled worship when there is no permanent clergy presence. And if there is clergy how do you provide input without the feeling of overstepping boundaries?
How can a congregational leader help direct volunteers to the positions that best fit their gifts and talents?
What is volunteering if not acting in gratitude to share what you have?
By Jesse Velásquez and Vidal Rivas
In “Yes, Together We Can,” Jesse Velásquez and Vidal Rivas encourage us to use all our resources (talent, time, and treasure) to reach spiritual and material growth, as seen in San Mateo Episcopal Church in Maryland where the…
By Kimberly Durnan
Some congregations are staying close to home when it comes to mission trips. In “Parish Partnerships” Kimberly Durnan shares the transformation that took place when a church invited unchurched college students to join with pa…
By Lu Stanton León
Lu Stanton León shares wisdom from rummage sale veteran – Christ Church, Winnetka, including 5 tips on running a fruitful rummage sale for your church.