By Ward Richards
Conflict. It’s inevitable. It occurs every day, in every facet of our lives.
ECF Vital Teams consultant Rosa Lindahl believes a leadership team’s capacity to move into the future depends on its ability to function effectively. What can we, as congregational leaders, do to discuss more openly and hones…
By Peggy Treadwell
The greatest gift vestry members can give their churches is creative, positive challenge and support of their rector(s).
By Nancy Davidge
Highly functioning, fruitful vestries are built on transparency and respect.
By Ken Howard
Ken Howard serves a congregation that attributes its health to its practice of “being church first, do church second.” In “Vestry as Body of Christ”, Ken shares how this understanding plays out in the structure and processes …
I wanted, really wanted, to be a gracious winner, but maybe there’s greater opportunity for change if I can learn how to be a gracious loser.
By Titus Presler
“What do you think is going to happen?” is a question I hear often in discussions of the aftermath of the sexuality decisions of the 2003 General Convention.
By Lindsay Hardin Freeman
Skeletons in the sacristy? We have one — figuratively, at least — in our church.
By Scott Gunn
In “Tone Matters,” Scott Gunn looks at how poor communications can cause hurt feelings and offers steps you can take to minimize misunderstandings and create an environment of truthfulness and love.
By Katharine Jefferts Schori
Conflict and controversy are intrinsic to the church, even if many of us would prefer to live and worship in communities that never disagreed about anything.
By Neal O. Michell
In human interactive terms, a triangle occurs when each of two opposing parties seeks to join with a third party against the other, with the third party finding it necessary to cooperate now with one and now with another of t…