Our latest blog is from Amy Waltz-Reasonover, a queer deaf missioner and rising seminarian in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. In it they tell the story of how they found The Episcopal Church.
Westley Art Hodges writes about his experience as a queer person in The Episcopal Church in our latest blog.
Welcome to ECF’s curated collection of LGBTQ+ resources. At ECF, we are guided by a commitment to love and justice, seeking to create an inclusive space where all voices are heard and celebrated.
The Rev. Miguel Bustos, The Episcopal Church’s Manager for Racial Justice and Reconciliation, talks about his experiences and how we can become a Beloved Community.
The Rev. Anahi Galante talks about how she came out to church in our latest blog, available in both English and Spanish.
Information on Reproductive Rights
In our latest blog post, Forrest Cuch discusses the disparity between the “surfer dude” image of Jesus and his Native existence.
This month we offer five resources on race and multi-cultural congregations.
Liz Brignac informs us of a free six-session curriculum, Becoming Beloved Community: Understanding Systemic Racism, at Church Next.
Maria Teresa Bautista-Berrios relates the story of her wonderful family and how they are her rock as she pursues the priesthood.
In the Episcopal Church today, there is a decline in the number of clergy, especially African Americans. Across our Episcopal seminaries there are few students from the African Diaspora who are enrolled even though tuition gr…
In our latest blog, Forrest Cuch posits that Old World Eurasian people have much to learn from New World indigenous cultures about kindness, empathy and Christian values.
In our latest blog, Gerlene Gordy relates her experiences of growing up Navajo and the importance of prayer in her culture.
This month Miriam McKenney shares five ECF resources for healthy churches.
Ken Howard compares ministry in two- and four-year colleges and discovers that we have left a lot of low-hanging fruit on trees.
In our latest blog, Audra Abt encourages us to cultivate real relationships with people marked by the brutalities of systemic injustice.
This month Audra Abt shares five resources on Multi-Cultural Congregations.
In "I Can’t Breathe" - Mapping Systemic Racism, Ken Howard uses mapping and probability to prove that systemic racism exists. See for yourself.
This month Sam Dessordi Peres Leite shares five resources on Multi-Cultural Congregations.
Linda Buskirk addresses a common issue in church architecture – that often it’s not built to be welcome to people of all abilities. In our latest blog, she recommends steps to remedy such situations.