What is ABCD? Asset Based Community Development is a way of looking at the people and organizations in your particular community by acknowledging and highlighting their gifts, strengths, and relationships.
When you think of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, or Nike, what images, emotions, and even tastes come to mind? Perhaps it's the unmistakable shape of a Coke bottle, the silhouette of the golden arches, or the iconic "Just Do It" slog…
In our latest blog, the Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck explores ways that we can let others, especially our neighbors, know that we are praying for them.
The Episcopal Pulse community weighs in on the Christian Super Bowl ads.
You’ve probably heard the familiar grumble in your church or ministry setting “Where have all the young people gone?” Jacob Sierra, ECF's Program Director for Adaptive Ministries, addresses this situation in our latest blog p…
In his blog post on hospitality, the Rev. Greg Syler discusses his first and primary sign of welcome in a church is a set of open doors.
In our latest blog post, the Rev. Sandy Webb writes about getting to know his parishioners by asking them to invite him to visit while they’re on the job.
Canon Annette Buchanan writes in her blog post about improving church communications that, “We need to continuously ask ourselves who are we not reaching, who is not being heard or seen and who is being left out as we live in…
In our latest blog, the Rev. Sandy Webb writes about the ancient practice of gleaning, leaving excess grain for those who are experiencing hunger, and its application for modern communities.
In his latest blog, ECF President Donald Romanik discusses gathering together, as family, community and church.
This month we share five resources on welcoming families in worship.
The Rev. Michael Carney discusses community and the challenges of bringing people together in this fractious climate. As he says, “What could be a more fitting challenge for the church than to love our neighbors as ourselves?…
In our latest blog, the Rev. Jon Davis talks about Dinner Church and how a return to church over food would serve us well.
In our latest blog, Linda Buskirk details an exciting opportunity for congregations in Indiana sponsored by the Thriving Congregations Initiative of the Lilly Endowment.
Ken Kroohs discusses whether it’s true that people are not really interested in religion anymore. What do you think?
Michael Carney talks about the weekly children’s offering of coins in his church and that they add up. As his colleague Forrest Cuch says, “The Creator’s gifts are abundant, enough for everyone if we’ll just take what we real…
In this month's digest, we offer five resources on sharing your harvest with your community.
Linda Buskirk encourages us to shine an appreciate spotlight on our congregations to examine the gifts God has given us for ministry.
In our latest blog, Audra Abt encourages us to cultivate real relationships with people marked by the brutalities of systemic injustice.
In our latest blog, Ken Howard posits that we have become pilgrims in search of community. We have all left the building, but we have all left together.