In our latest blog, the Rev. Ken Howard explores the process of how to call a part-time rector and how to make that decision.
Lay leaders have been involved in church governance and finances for decades, but until recently, have had a more limited role in broader matters of mission and ministry. Thanks to the work of ECF, and enlightened bishops and…
Ken Mosesian writes about the lengthy search for a new rector in his parish and explains how “God’s delays are not God’s denials”.
Our latest blog is from Amy Waltz-Reasonover, a queer deaf missioner and rising seminarian in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. In it they tell the story of how they found The Episcopal Church.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Sandy Webb talks about creativity and transition in the Episcopal Church.
In his latest blog post, Donald Romanik talks about collaborative leadership and how it "is essential to our vitality and our very future as local Episcopal faith communities".
In his newest post, the Rev. Greg Syler talks about his recent experiences in England and his exciting discovery of new ways to minister to parishioners.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Alicia Hager talks about her engaging and heartwarming experience at her first Gathering of Leaders gathering in San Antonio, TX for Bi-Vocational Leaders.
In our latest blog, Greg Syler sets the stage for talking about stewardship with an examination of post-Covid Episcopal parishes. “First step before launching this year’s stewardship campaign should be a serious examination o…
In our latest blog, Canon Annette Buchanan reflects on individuals’ levels of participation in church ministries as part of a recommitment to stewardship. She talks about how to have conversations with church members so that …
In our latest blog, the Rev. Canon Annette Buchanan discusses succession and signs that it’s not going so well and steps to take in order to do it well.
The Rev. Canon Annette Buchanan discusses the Commission of Black Ministry and the importance of collaboration in our latest blog.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Sandy Webb talks about clergy deployment and trends.
In our latest blog, The Rt. Rev. Audrey C. Scanlan, Bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, discusses the challenging question, “Just What Are We Called to be Doing Here?” and how we can find a way to make that happen.
The Rev. Sandy Webb discusses the differences between “old power” and “new power” and how “The Episcopal Church will not be relevant or sustainable in the new, secular age if we do not find ways of incorporating “new power” i…
In the Episcopal Church today, there is a decline in the number of clergy, especially African Americans. Across our Episcopal seminaries there are few students from the African Diaspora who are enrolled even though tuition gr…
The Rev. David Peters Shares Five Resources on Pandemic Church
My name is Donald Romanik and I am President of the Episcopal Church Foundation. It's been about a year since we've been living with this pandemic of COVID-19.
How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going encourages clergy and other church leaders “to remain non-anxious, to be self-reflective, and to self-differentiate personal issues from the issues of the organization.”
You wouldn’t think that hazing could be part of the process of taking holy orders, but unfortunately, it is. Nicole Foster explains what the term “apostolic hazing” means and what we can do about it.