A sustainable endowment depends on wise spending. Do you need to take a fresh look at how you make spending decisions at your church? In the following infographic, we clarify five common misconceptions that may affect your …
Tactical asset allocation (TAA) is an active investment strategy that involves making short-term changes to a portfolio's asset allocation in response to market conditions. The goal of TAA is to add to portfolio returns by ta…
Where does your parish trust its money? Bruce Adams, President & CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut, discusses credit unions vs. banks and the newly created New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union in our latest blo…
In Investing in the Future, Josh Anderson, Associate Program Director, ECF Endowment Management, outlines five things prospective donors want to know about your endowment.
In our latest blog, Carsten W. Sierck, Director of Endowment Management at ECF, reviews fiduciary responsibilities and explains how to carry them out at a church.
Success doesn’t just happen; we must plan for it. Many churches have an endowment fund, but not all have the markers of success. It’s important to continually assess your endowment strategy especially if an endowment lacks or…
Endowment giving requires a special kind of trust. Donors who care will give when they are moved by your mission, understand your plans, and trust you.
In the final installment of his four-part blog series on budgeting, the Rev. Greg Syler discusses budget standards and the Snapshot of Church Finances prepared by Dan Hotchkiss of the Alban Institute.
In this third of his four-part blog series on budgets, Greg Syler talks about a very expensive line item: clergy.
The Rev. Greg Syler continues his recommendations about budgets, particularly that they should focus on a significant few items and ignore the insignificant many.
In the first of a four-part series on budgeting, the Rev. Greg Syler recommends that we focus on the “significant few” expenditures and resources. What might those be? Read on.
Michael Carney talks about the weekly children’s offering of coins in his church and that they add up. As his colleague Forrest Cuch says, “The Creator’s gifts are abundant, enough for everyone if we’ll just take what we real…
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This month Miriam McKenney shares five ECF resources for healthy churches.
Jason Smith outlines how to set up an online giving system that will be helpful during a time of virtual worship services, when people aren't present to pass the plate.
They may not have the fragrance of frankincense or the mystery of myrrh, but here are three gifts worth their weight in gold to your faith community.
A history day offers an opportunity to engage a group of leaders and perhaps even the entire congregation in recognizing and reflecting on how the faith community understands and uses money.
In Three Tips for Grant Writing, Linda Buskirk gives succinct advice for those who are trying to raise funds from foundations. Her three tips are designed to save you time and increase your grant writing efficacy.