A story about the importance of having, and knowing how to use, an AED – Automated External Defibrillator.
By Erin Weber-Johnson
Opinions vary as to whether or not ordained leaders of faith communities should be familiar with what parishioners are pledging. Erin Weber-Johnson reached out to her church campaign colleagues and asked them to share their e…
This one hour webinar is designed to present practical tips and considerations for those planning to serve as senior warden for their parish and rector.
By David Vryhof, SSJE
Using the monastic Rule of Life as a guide, Br. David Vryhof shares how vestries and other leaders can develop a covenant to both form and function well as a group.
By Tyler D. Schleicher
As a new treasurer, Tyler Schleicher quickly discovered that he needed to get up to speed quickly and, at the same time, find ways to make the role more manageable .
This guide is for conducting effective mutual ministry reviews in one's congregation. It was collaboratively developed by the Episcopal Church Foundation, the Episcopal Church Center's Offices for Ministry Development and Dep…
By Martha Goodwill
It's valuable for congregational leaders to have – and practice – good internal controls. Martha Goodwill offers four specific actions every congregation should adopt.
The way your parish spends money is directly linked to mission and ministry and a key indication of your congregation’s identity.
Sharing Audits describes ways to team up with neighboring churches to conduct an audit that may not only be less expensive, but might also be more useful.
By Phyllis Jones
Phyllis Jones offers descriptions of the three most popular packages in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey and shares what congregations should consider when making this decision.
Does your congregation think about and talk about stewardship only during the annual funding campaign? If so, you’re missing year-round opportunities for formation. Not sure how to start? These two tools may help.
In his newest post, the Rev. Greg Syler talks about his recent experiences in England and his exciting discovery of new ways to minister to parishioners.