In our latest blog, the Rev. Greg Syler proposes that “we need a broader understanding of various types of churches, and permission to adjust and adapt church types as communities invariably shift.” He explains that the Dioce…
In our latest blog, the Rev. Ken Howard explores the process of how to call a part-time rector and how to make that decision.
In this third and last blog post in the series, the Rev. Greg Syler discusses plans for the future of Resurrection Parish as part of a new Park Community Foundation.
Church leaders often see a need for a change, but the congregational system doesn't always allow the change to take place. The best changes happen because we’re watching to discover what God is up to, and partnering in the wo…
Where does your parish trust its money? Bruce Adams, President & CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut, discusses credit unions vs. banks and the newly created New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union in our latest blo…
In his newest post, the Rev. Greg Syler talks about his recent experiences in England and his exciting discovery of new ways to minister to parishioners.
The Rev. Ken Howard of FaithX discusses his latest collaboration with Try Tank called Episcopal Pulse, a project to keep a finger on the pulse of The Episcopal Church through weekly, rapid-response micro-surveys.
The Rev. Sandy Webb discusses General Convention and considers if we asked different questions, would we get better answers?
In our latest blog, the Rev. Sandy Webb discusses how he approached his staffing needs as he came in as a new rector.
COVID-19 has brought up a myriad of choices and decisions for churches, one of them being vaccinations. In our latest blog, The Rev. Sandy Webb discusses how his church approached vaccine mandates.
ECF President Donald Romanik talks about diocesan finances and church streamlining in his latest blog.
Jack Nelson and Sandy Webb relate the story of how members from a closing church chose a new home with their Church of the Holy Communion – a process that took almost two years.
Why can’t a group of great people grow their church? Greg Syler posits that it might have to do with the Vestry. Please see below for more.
Jason Smith outlines how to set up an online giving system that will be helpful during a time of virtual worship services, when people aren't present to pass the plate.
In our latest blog, Annette Buchanan reminds us that we should always use good HR practices when hiring and gives a list of best practices for lay positions. Hiring gives us the opportunity to demonstrate that the Church is n…
'One generation in...' to the present shape of The Episcopal Church are we able to take a closer look at the costs and burdens of the top-heavy, cumbersome institution we've created, largely based on mid-20th century practice…
What are some new or different ways we can measure parish vitality?
There are so many places in our church life where members of our congregations do not know or have not been told what happens behind the scenes.
When was the last time a delegation of 5 or more people from your church attended an event that addressed an area of vital importance to your congregation?
An analogous question comes up in my own work across the church and with membership and leadership development. Should the rector be a member of the vestry? Should the rector run the vestry meetings?