Greg Syler makes the case that our current method of resourcing local parishes, stewardship, is coming to an end. What will replace it, is the question.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck explores the idea of including an offertory in the service. She says, “The Offertory presents an opportunity for the congregation to participate more fully in the liturgy, to be …
In our latest blog, the Rev. Sandy Webb talks about how he finds the principles of effective pastoral fundraising to be the same as the principles of effective pastoral care.
In our latest blog, Greg Syler continues talking about stewardship and our Anglican heritage. Looking at a bigger picture, he asks, “How will we learn to celebrate even those intangible gifts such as joy and generosity?”
In our latest blog, Canon Annette Buchanan reflects on individuals’ levels of participation in church ministries as part of a recommitment to stewardship. She talks about how to have conversations with church members so that …
In the latest President's blog, Donald Romanik talks about stewardship season as being the most wonderful time of the year.
Talking about money is still the big taboo, especially in church circles—and especially among Episcopalians. We talk about everything else in church—the most intimate details of our lives, including health and even our relati…
This month's digest features five resources on transformational stewardship.
Robert B. Townes, IV gives his predictions for the future of The Episcopal Church.
Imagine that you could travel back in time and talk with the leaders of your own congregation two or three generations ago and give advice to your predecessors that would help your church’s situation today. What would you say…
ECFVP digest with five resources on stewardship and abundance.
A stewardship message from Donald Romanik.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Sandy Webb talks about four categories of givers and how you might appeal to them.
Linda Buskirk discusses stewardship and how giving online is a little more convenient but yet different from giving in person. Both methods are an act of worship.
Linda Buskirk tells the story of a congregation that creatively came together to keep their rector full-time.
Linda Buskirk encourages stewardship ministry leaders to thank their supporters now to help them feel more connected to the Church.
Ken Howard brings 25 years of experience starting new congregations and redeveloping existing ones, so he’s learned more than a little about stewardship and what makes it successful. In this blog, he shares a list of ten impo…
Miguelina Howell shares five resources on stewardship and the pandemic.
In our latest blog, Linda Buskirk explores a fascinating idea, that every congregation should have a “story steward” to collect memories about their experiences with the church.
In our latest blog, Annette Buchanan discusses lessons learned about stewardship during the pandemic.