We hear it all the time: You need to be doing year round stewardship! But how do we engage the topic of money in a way that is fun, engaging and deeply spiritual?
This web conference is designed to address how and why the stewardship efforts of so many congregations produce lackluster results. It will specifically examine the role of messaging and how tone and content can impact annual…
Building on how Jesus challenged us to consider proper use of our resources, this webinar will offer a broad overview of the most important aspects of parish finance and will share how your parish can improve in this vital as…
By Beau Surratt
A fun way to connect the missional objectives and activities of our congregation with our parishioners' intentions for annual giving.
More and more churchgoers want to make their financial contributions online. Does your church website make it easy for them to do so? Please keep in mind that this is an older resource and newer products and services may now …
By Angela Emerson
Vestry planning calendars for managing operational aspects of the church efficiently, creating time for prayer, study and planning.
More than just raising funds to meet the needs of the parish operating budget, annual stewardship is an opportunity to nurture and grow our faith and spirituality within our Episcopal communities.
Can fundraising be good for your spiritual health? Henri Nouwen thinks so.
Does your congregation think about and talk about stewardship only during the annual funding campaign? If so, you’re missing year-round opportunities for formation. Not sure how to start? These two tools may help.
By Kate Ferris
Nothing sends people scurrying for the sexton’s closet faster than hearing the footsteps of the stewardship chairperson coming down the hall.
Research on nonprofit fundraising suggests that as donor age decreases, the prevalence of the following donor questions increases: (1) Can I give online? and (2) How is my money making a difference?
By David Posterero
Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland Ohio realized that in the economic climate of 2009, their minimalist approach to stewardship was not going to work.
By Laurel Johnston
Interviews with ten Latino/Hispanic congregations reveal best practices of stewardship.
By Angela Emerson
For many people, talking about money is difficult – even with family. In “Honest Sharing” Angela Emerson offers a glimpse into the private struggle many of us experience as we wrestle with our feelings related to giving, not…
By Erin Weber-Johnson
Your annual giving campaign can be an opportunity for growth and excitement. What have you done that has reached out to different generations in your parish?
By Nancy Moore
Our lives are often touched by simple acts of kindness. "Squash Tithe” by Nancy Moore shares how the gift of a summer squash from one parishioner to another in 2012, lives on in an unexpected way.
By Demi Prentiss
The Christian vocation of proclaiming and responding to God’s prodigious generosity is a year-round calling.