By Donald Peeler
It is truly unfortunate when a vestry gathers in retreat to address only the mundane business that confronts every parish.
By Dick Kurth
We pushed and pried in private with some vestry members. What were their real attitudes toward “the numbers?”
By Bob Schorr
Could the way you run your meetings be keeping people away from leadership positions? Many of us have sat through meetings that drone on and one, spending valuable time dealing with routine reports or rehashing business from …
So your vestry has a handle on the financials. But how are you doing as leaders and stewards of your church's faith formation ministries?
This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of a design process for vestry retreats that will help you make the most of these investments.
This one hour webinar is designed to present practical tips and considerations for those planning to serve as senior warden for their parish and rector.
By Angela Emerson
Vestry planning calendars for managing operational aspects of the church efficiently, creating time for prayer, study and planning.
By Janie Kirt Morris
Getting the right people on board is critical. Janie Kirt shows us the successful system she developed for “Build a Healthy Vestry." Available in Spanish.
By Loren Mead
“I really had a bad experience my first time on the vestry,” Anne said to me. Of course that upset me — in my years as a pastor I really did all I could, especially with my senior warden, to make our work as a vestry EFFECTIV…
When it's time for vestry elections, do members know what the role requires? Use this sample job description as a basis for naming the responsibilities for vestry members in your congregation.
By Nancy Davidge
Highly functioning, fruitful vestries are built on transparency and respect.
By Blair Pogue
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, MN has been re-envisioning the role of the vestry over the last five years: inviting vestry members to understand their role as that of a spiritual discernment team.
By Sandra Clark Kolb
Change in ordained leadership in a congregation creates a time of both challenge and opportunity. As a vestry member you play a critical role in making the transition a healthy one.
By Scott Evenbeck
Just as the Great Commission—“Go therefore into the world to make disciples of all nations”—does not go into great detail on how exactly to accomplish that mission, so the canons of the Episcopal Church are not particularly s…
By Neal O. Michell
The agenda and the treasurer’s report should be distributed to vestry members a week in advance of the meeting.
By Richard H. Schmidt
The name Richard Hooker rings no bell for most vestry members. More than a few clergy haven’t heard of him, either.
By Ken Howard
Doing things the same way is unlikely to produce different results, yet often organizations are unsure about how to break out of old patterns. In “Adapt or Die,” Ken Howard shares the process congregational leaders at St. Nic…
By Denis C. Brunelle
Discernment is the spiritual discipline of seeking clarity in identifying the mission of the parish and how the parish (vestry) will respond to God’s call. Our hope is to insure that when we step aside, our congregations exis…
By Ariana Gonzales-Bonillas
Making people feel valued and welcome is key to building community. In “Feeling Valued,” high school senior Ariana Gonzales-Bonillas invites congregational leaders to reflect on the ways youth are valued – or not – in their c…
This web conference explores common challenges for vestries of Episcopal congregations and offers basic practices for leading vestries effectively.