Racial Justice

Building bridges, mending divides. Discover how the Diocese of Maryland's Reparations Fund is living into God’s call for us to be 'the repairers of the breach.'
The Rev. Miguel Bustos, The Episcopal Church’s Manager for Racial Justice and Reconciliation, talks about his experiences and how we can become a Beloved Community.
In our latest blog post, Forrest Cuch discusses the disparity between the “surfer dude” image of Jesus and his Native existence.
In Jesus Was Not White, the Rev. Michael Carney talks candidly about the different portrayals of Jesus and that he was actually far removed from an average middle class white man.
Craig Townsend writes in our blog about his journey to become Historian in Residence for Racial Justice for the Diocese of Long Island and his work.
This month we offer five resources on race and multi-cultural congregations.
Liz Brignac informs us of a free six-session curriculum, Becoming Beloved Community: Understanding Systemic Racism, at Church Next.
The Rev. Ranjit K. Mathews discusses Martin Luther King Jr. and the Poor People’s Campaign in our latest blog.
Earlier this year, our Board of Directors adopted the “ECF Compass” – a rearticulation of our Purpose, Mission and Vision. This document also highlights who we are, what we do and how we do it. In addition to describing ourse…
Linda Buskirk encourages us to shine an appreciate spotlight on our congregations to examine the gifts God has given us for ministry.
In this passionate post, Greg Syler writes how he would like to see every diocese in the church actively fight for justice, raising up right relationships between God, neighbor, and self.
In our latest blog, Ranjit Mathews addresses the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol and its part in the White supremacy woven through United States’ history.
We all are shocked, saddened, and disgusted by the events of January 6.
Nicole Foster details an unfortunate ritual of racism in the Church and how we can uproot it.
Ken Howard compares ministry in two- and four-year colleges and discovers that we have left a lot of low-hanging fruit on trees.
In our latest blog, Megan Allen takes a deep dive into the Church’s role in reconciliation and says that it should first try to be in right relationship with BIPOC.
In Let’s Remember Hope, Amanda Nickles remembers words from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s powerful I Have a Dream speech and is hopeful that we can all live united in love, care and compassion for one another.
In "I Can’t Breathe" - Mapping Systemic Racism, Ken Howard uses mapping and probability to prove that systemic racism exists. See for yourself.
While the current pandemic has impacted all of us, the negative effects of COVID-19 are significantly more pronounced in communities of color in all aspects of life - health, employment, schooling and food security.
By Kelly Brown Douglas
The alienation of America from its soul is at the root of normalizing dehumanizing and violence against black lives. In Do We Want to Be White, Or Do We Want to be Church? Dean Kelly Brown Douglas asks communities of faith to…